Belladonna is a 6 piece band from Halifax, Nova Scotia made up of friends that make alternative, post rock music. Merging the heavy drum, guitar and bass parts of heavy rock, with a classical viola and piano element, and ambient twist. We play together until something feels right and it becomes a song, it is never brought in separately, it is always created together and we do all of our recording ourselves at home. We use old film projectors in our shows to enhance the performance as a whole, we are not just a band to just listen to but we are a band to experience.

We are an experimental band combining different techniques, instruments and genres, composing something unique that brings together all of our interesting styles of playing. We dream up all of our own samples, loops, ambiance and noise. Born from the need to be creative and push boundaries, we continuously sculpt and reform our music until it becomes what we want to hear or what we least expect.

Belladonna is not only a band, but we are artists, we are noise makers, we are friends, we are soundscapes, we are musicians, we are story tellers, we aim to be limitless and we are a group to experience.