BAND OF THE DAY – King Dylan


Band of the Day:King Dylan

1. My biggest show/performance would have to be Mighty Peace Day (We Day) at the Crystal Center Arena in front of ~4000 youth in Grande Prairie, AB in October 2013 because it was my first time playing inan arena on a big stage. Kids were lining up for pictures and autographs afterand it felt really good.

2. My worst show was in July 2010 at the Marquee Room in Calgary because I organized it and put in hundreds of dollars of promotion but unfortunately it was at the same time as the Calgary Stampede (not associated with) and about 5 people stuck around to watch… most of them being the previous performers.

3. My musical influences include: Tech n9ne,Breaking Benjamin, Eminem, Weird Al Yankovic, 3OH!3, Linkin Park, Ice Cube, Blink 182

4. One time I was hanging out with Bret “TheHitman” Hart’s kids and then we all went for Vietnamese food with Alexis on fire…Another time I was partying in Toronto during CMW and I saw a guy who looked like K-os, but was clearly incognito, so I asked “Hey are you K-os?” and he goes “yeah man”, and I’m like “Rad”.

5. When I was younger I used to think I would be first ever olympic speed skater who also has platinum selling Hip Hop albums (Iwas probably riding a Dinosaur in these dreams too).Also, I have a new album + videos coming out early next year.

BIO:After 6 years of performing solo, speedskater-turned-musician King Dylan called up his old pals The DC Show to release a wicked and unruly new Hip Hop album called Drinkognito. Their third album as a group is an aggressive and musically mature return to the rap game after each member had been dabbling in solo projects and Rock bands for many years. Much like the styles of Hollywood Undead or Kottonmouth Kings, The DC Show has taken Beastie Boys fun rock energy, mixed it with Eminems passion and skill and then added pinch of Weird Als humour.