BAND OF THE DAY – 240 (TwoForty)


Band of the Day:240


1.Our biggest show or accomplishment no doubt has been opening up of EconolineCrush at The Marquee. We all have been huge fans of the band since the 90’s andit was such an amazing experience.

2. Our worst show was probably at The Rebublik when our guitarists headblew up on his amp. We kept playing non the less and eventually ended upwinning a spot in the finals of the Landmark Events Showcase that show. I guessthe crowd and judges still loved the show a lot but from a technical standpoint it could have gone better.

3. RHCP, TOOL, RATM, and pretty much anything from the 90’s hardrock/grunge scenes.

4. Played Blackjack with Jesse F. Keeler from Death From Above 1979after their show. Can’t give too many more details as that would breach thesacred band code

5. Come to a live show and check us out! We have passion, energy, and aninsatiable thirst to entertain the crowd.Currently recording our followup EP!CITY:Calgary

BIO:TwoForty [240] has quickly become an established act in the Calgary music scene, creating a unique musical style all of their own. Drawing influences from Funk and Hip-Hop and combining them with the modern sounds of 90s Rock, TwoForty offers up a fresh sonic and visual assault for the senses that leaves their listeners in a state of adrenaline-rushed euphoria.