BAND OF THE DAY – Scruffy Fish


Band of the Day:Scruffy Fish

Roger Duncan- One World
1. Our group views music as medicine and so we get the greatest sense of accomplishment when we can share our passion with those who may be struggling. Our fondest memory was playing for a group of kids who are survivors of neglect and abuse. At one point we invited some of the audience to come and play withus giving them West African Djembes and simple parts to play. To see the joyand sense of accomplishment on the faces of those kids was so affirming of whatwe do and the power of music to inspire.

2. Our worst gig was playing the Sasquatch festival in northern Alberta. Having driven for 5 hours we were ready to play with prime billing and just asthe first note rang out it began to rain so hard we had to shut down for safety and the fact the audience had retreated to their shelters. Exactly45 minutes laterthe sun came out but our time was gone and so turned around and drove 5 hours home…arrgh!

3. Our music is based inspired by the music of West Africa having studied it for many years and the many eclectic sounds of the world.

4. Being on a boat with a very nice woman while on holidays in Belize togo diving. When asked what she did she shared that she was a musician and played in a band mostly in Europe. Very humble. The next time I saw her it was when she received her Juno award. It was Feist.

5. Our group has been making music together for a long time and have a sound that we believe is unique in its reflection of our multi-cultural mosaic that is Canada. We are proud of work and would love to share it with a wider audience!!!

BIO:Since 1993 Roger Duncan has been making music in Calgary and around Alberta. Over this time he has created groups such as The One World Drummers and The Urban Tribe. Having recorded 3 CDs over the years Roger decided to create a new sound; one that starts in Africa and travels through a sonic journey covering Jazz, Blues, Folk and pop blending a sound that is lifted by lyrics that provoke thought.